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Rebuilt starter Assembly- Rebuilt with new 6 volt field coils for the 6 volt cars. $30 refundable co..
Rebuilt starter Assembly- Rebuilt with new USA made 12 volt field coils for the 12 volt cars. $30 re..
If you buy a rebuilt starter, we will charge you this core charge. We will however refund it upon re..
Starter Rebuild Kit- Includes the bushings, brushes and all the small parts- Pretty much everything ..
Starter Mounting Bolts Set- Correct length black oxide bolts and lockwashers. USA Made. If you use b..
Starter Armature- NEW- USA Made- For the starter with the 5/8 shaft...
Starter Armature - Rewound in the USA. Exchange- For teh 1929-131 starters with the 5/8" shaft...
Starter Thrust Washer- Hard paper washer to reduce the end play in the starter...
Starter Armature Bushing - Thick ID .640, OD .753, .590 long. For the front of the starter. Bronze U..
Starter Brush Spring- 4 per starter USA Made..
Starter Brush Insulator- Phenolic . USA made 4 per starter...
Starter Field Coils 6 Volt- USA made set of 4..
Starter Field Coils 12-Volt- USA made set. These are what you need to make the 6 volt starter into a..
Starter Field Coil Insulator- Hard compressed paper. Fits between the fields and the case. USA Made..
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