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Horn -6 Volt - ALL Made in the USA - Exactly As Original- Sparton style horn, with tag, powdercoated..
12 volt Sparton Horn - ALL made in the USA. Powder coated gloss black. Includes mounting bracket. VE..
Sparton Horn Data Plate with Rivits- Made in the USA. Better one of several made. This one is USA ma..
Rivits For A-13803 Sparton Tag- Pair nickle plated split rivits..
Horn Adjustment Screw- Serrated flat head slotted screw used to adjust the horn sound. Cadmium plate..
Horn Bracket Assy- USA Made Steel . Mounts to the horn, and to the lower nut on the left side headli..
Horn Flange Bolt Set -6 correct little 10/24 carriage bolts with lockwashers and flat nuts. Only the..
Sparton Horn Bell- Made in the USA with all the correct Sparton markings. Does not include the ..
Stewart Warner Horn Bell- Made in the USA with all the correct Stewart Warner markings. Does not inc..
Sparton Horn Motor Cover= 1928 Style with "Ford" script, and "Sparton" embossed in the cover as orig..
Sparton Horn Motor Cover for the 1929-1931 Sparton Horns- Made in the USA with the correct "Sparton"..
Stewart Warner Horn Motor Cover- Made in the USA . Correct 1 piece Stewart Warner design..
Horn Motor Cover Mounting Screw- Correct length round head slotted pointed 8/32 machine screw with a..
Horn Diaphram- USA Made- Fits ALL Model A Horns- Be sure to install with the drain hole at the botto..
Horn Flange Gasket - Waterproof- Correct thickness USA made black waterproof paper gaskets. PAIR..
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