1928 Drum Tail Lights

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1928 Drum Tail Light Red Lens- ONLY fits 1928 drum tail light. USA Made!!! Exact copy...
Stop Light Bulb - 6 Volt- 21 Candlepower as original- Fits both styles of tail lights...
Stoplight Bulb 12-Volt- 21 cp and fits both styles of tail lights...
Brake Light Bulb-6 volt-(HI POWERED 30 cp) Much brighter then the stock bulb. Works in any Model A t..
Quartz haolgen 12 volt Brake light bulb- Fits in stock socket- Very Bright!!!..
6 volt Quartz Halogen Brake Light bulb-Fits in stock socket- VERY Bright..
Drum Tail Light Assembly -Nickle plated - Left or right side, with license plate light lens. 19..
Drum Tail Light Bracket- Left or right side-Fits the Pickup-1928 only- USA Made of Mallable steel...
Drum Tail Light Divider Plate- Rivits to the tail light main housing, and holds the brake light bulb..
Drum Tail light Bracket -Left side-Fits  Coupes and roadsters...
Drum Tail light Bracket-Right side -Bolts to bottom right ocner of lower rear body rail. Fits 1928 C..
Drum Tail Light Socket Assy.- Pushes in the back of the tail light housing. Both wires in the A-1361..
Drum Tail light Bracket-Left side -Bolts to lower rear body rail. FIts only 1928 tudor Sedan an..
Drum Tail Light Wires-Connects tail light to the main wire Harness- Requires two A14487 connectors. ..
Drum Tail Light Body Only - Nickle Left or right with license light hole- USA Made- Nickel Plated Ve..
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