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Starter Switch Assy.- Very nice quality- Best one currently made. US A made. Cadmium plated as origi..
Starter Switch Mounting Bolts- Cadmium plated. Set of 4 - 10/32 x 1/4" round head slotted bolts and ..
Starter Switch Terminal Nut- Brass. Thin nut that holds the battery cable to the starter switch. Inc..
Starter Switch Gasket- Paper as original- Only used on 1928 starters with the square starter switch...
Fuse Block Assembly- Mounts to the starter on top of the starter switch. NOT an original part, ..
Replacement Fuse- Fits the A-11454 Fuse Block. 30 Amp. AGC 30 fuse. Sold individually...
Circuit Breaker- Fits in the A-11454 fuse block. 30 Amp. Replaces the A-11455 fuse in the fuse ..
Starter Rod- Cadmium plated. 5/16-24 thread. This is the rod you press your foot on to make the..
Starter Rod Grommet- This rubber grommet was used on the 1928-early 1930 Model A's on the engine sid..
Starter Grommet- 1928-30 original style. This is the better, more accurate starter rod gro..
Starter Rod Grommet - Mid '30- Rubber. If your 1930 has just a single one inch diamter round ho..
Starter Rod Grommet- Fits only the  Late 1930-1931. On all late cars the starter rod has a meta..
Starter Rod Grommet Metal Cover- Late 1930-1931. Steel USA Made..
Starter Rod Grommet Cover - 1928-early 1930. Cadmium plated Steel. Covers the A-11480-A grommet, if ..
Starter Rod Grommet Rivits- For late 1930-1931 cars. These 3 steel tubular rivits are to attach the ..
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