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Cable Only From Ignition Switch To Distributor- This is the skinny stainless steel covered wire that..
Ignition Switch only- Improved switch. Quality switch with good detents to keep it on even on a..
Popout Ignition Cable Only for 1928-1929 Popout Switches. Includes new wire and cadmium plated ..
Popout Ignition Cable Only- For the Early 1930 Model A's that still used the oval shaped speedometer..
Armored Original Style Ignition Cable Only -This product can do two things. It can replace the broke..
Restored Original Popout Switch- Specify year- Nickel plated bezel, cadmium plated end, painted cabl..
Popout Cable Clamp To Head- Cadmium Plated as Original. USA made. Correct for 1929-1931 Al..
Light Switch Body- Foreign made cadmium plated light switch. The main light wiring harness slips up ..
Nice USA Made Light Switch Body. Cadmium plated. The main light wiring harness slips up inside this ..
6 Volt Ignition Coil- High quality foreign made ignition coil. Bracket sold seperataly (A-12001..
Coil Bracket- Fits almost any round ignition coil. Mounts to firewall...
Coil Slotted Screws- Pair. USA made Nickel plated slotted machine nuts that hold the wires..
Coil VoltageTester- A simple test device to determine the spark voltage and ignition system con..
Coil Polarity Tester- This device uniquely shows ignition spark presence and coil polarity whil..
Voltage resistor- Installs between the coil and the distributor, to reduce the voltage to 6 volts, i..
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