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Adjustable Lifters- Self locking. USA made one nut style. Uses an interference thread. These ar..
Intake & Exhaust Valve- Stainless. Quality USA made valve. Works for intake OR exhaust..
Valve Seat- Stainless. Hardened for modern fuel. To be Installed in block by machine shop. ..
Big Valve Seats- For larger intake valves. Block must be machined. NOT for stock size valv..
Modern valve Conversion kit- includes 8 straight valves, 8 springs, 8 guides and 8 keepers- All USA ..
Modern valve kit with big intake valves- Includes straight valves, guides, springs and keepers. Set ..
Valve Guide- 2 piece original style. Machined in pairs. 8 pairs per engine. Sold in pairs...
Valve Guide Removal Tool- Remove the keeper and spring, raise the valve all the way up, then insert ..
Valve Guide Removal Tool- USA made. This is a better designed tool, but is best used when you a..
Valve Springs- Set of all 8 valve springs. Used with either style valves...
Valve Spring Keeper- Used with original style valves. Sold individually. 8 needed per engi..
Modern Straight Valve- These are the same modern valves as in our A-6508 modern valve kit ..
Straight valve guides for use with modern valves..
Large Modern Intake Valve- These are the same larger modern valves as in our A-6508-B modern valve k..
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