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Engine Stand Holding Fixture- Deluxe version. Heavy duty. Allows you to assemble the complete engine..
Head Nut Torque Tool- Uses a 1/2 drive torque wrench. This tool makes it so you do not have to ..
Engine Puller Eye Bolt Tool- To remove engine. Threads into the spark plug hole to lift the engine o..
Cylinder Head Puller Tool- Fastens to two spark plug holes and pushes against the studs. Much easier..
Compression Tester Adapter- Fasten this to a standard 14MM Compression Tester- This adapts the 14MM ..
Camshaft Nut Wrench- Allows easy installation and removal of the A-6259 cam nut. USA made...
Crankshaft Nut Wrench- Steel USA Made wrench to access the crank nut while the radiator is still in ..
Flywheel Runout Testing Tool - This little tool is used to determine if the flywheel is seated corre..
Valve Guide Removal Tool- Remove the keeper and spring, raise the valve all the way up, then insert ..
Valve Guide Removal Tool- USA made. This is a better designed tool, but is best used when you a..
Oil Pump Holding Tool- (holds the pump in the block for installation of the oil pan with the engine ..
This handy little tool allows you to remove and re-install the gear shift lever. USA made!..
Clutch Align Tool- Plastic- Aligns the clutch plate so the transmissiion will slide in easy. Plastic..
Spring Loaded Timing Pin/Tool – This tool is the easiest tool we've seen to find that dimple in..
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