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Engine Stand Holding Fixture- Deluxe version. Heavy duty. Allows you to assemble the complete engine..
Head Nut Torque Tool- Uses a 1/2 drive torque wrench. This tool makes it so you do not have to ..
Engine Puller Eye Bolt Tool- To remove engine. Threads into the spark plug hole to lift the engine o..
Cylinder Head Puller Tool- Fastens to two spark plug holes and pushes against the studs. Much easier..
Compression Tester Adapter- Fasten this to a standard 14MM Compression Tester- This adapts the 14MM ..
Camshaft Nut Wrench- Allows easy installation and removal of the A-6259 cam nut. USA made...
Crankshaft Nut Wrench- Steel USA Made wrench to access the crank nut while the radiator is still in ..
Flywheel Runout Testing Tool - This little tool is used to determine if the flywheel is seated corre..
Valve Guide Removal Tool- Remove the keeper and spring, raise the valve all the way up, then insert ..
Valve Guide Removal Tool- USA made. This is a better designed tool, but is best used when you a..
Oil Pump Holding Tool- (holds the pump in the block for installation of the oil pan with the engine ..
This handy little tool allows you to remove and re install the gear shift lever. USA made..
Clutch Align Tool- Plastic- Aligns the clutch plate so the transmissiion will slide in easy. Plastic..
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