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Rear Hub Repair Kit- Race to install in hub,smaller bearing and instructions...
Rear Wheel Bearing- Be sure to pack with grease before inserting into the hub...
Rear Axle Housing Repair Race- Axle housing must be machined in lathe..
Speedo Drive Gear Snap Ring- Holds the gear on the driveshaft. We do have original gears if yo need ..
Speedo Drive Gear Spacer- USA made spacer slides on the drive shaft to keep the speedometer drive ge..
Axle Housing Bolt Set - 1 set does both sides. Thick headed USA Made bolts...
Rear Spring Shackle Bushing- Steel split bushing used in the rear spring and the rear axle housing...
Rear Shock Perch Ball- Rivits to axle housing on 1931 Axle Housings..
Differential Drain/Fill Plug- Pipe threaded. Use 3/8 ratchet to remove or install...
Axle Housing Gaskets- .006 thick. Used to set the tooth lash on the ring/pinion gears...
Axle Housing Gaskets- .010 thick. These are actually shims used to set the ring/pinion lash...
Torque Tube Bolts- Set of 6 drilled head fine thread bolts to fasten the torque tube to the center o..
Ring & Pinion Set- 3.78/1. . This is the ratio most Model A's came with...
Ring & Pinion Set- 3.54/1. . This gives you about 6 mph more top speed then the stock 3.78 gears..
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