Rumble Seat Parts

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Rumble Lid Stop Set W/Rubbers 1928-29- USA made steel with correct shape and thickness...
Rumble Lid Stop Set W/Rubbers 1930-1931- USA made steel with correct shape and thickness...
Roadster Top Rests- Polished clad stainless steel as original in 1930-1931. Will fit any 1928-1..
Rumble Lid Aligning Plates - Aluminum as original. These fit up in the upper corners of the rumble s..
Aligning Plates For Cars Coupes and Roadsters with Trunk- Rounded. Made of aluminum just like the or..
Trunk Lid Hinge Set - Pr.- These are that simple little hinge up in the top corners that bolt to the..
This USA made steel pin is the threaded pin that threads into the steel brace in the upper part of t..
Rumble-Trunk Lid Round Rubber Stops- Pair. On the rumble seat cars, only one pair is need in the upp..
Trunk Lid Support- Now USA made and fits and works very well....Better of two manufacturers. Steel B..
Trunk Lid Support Bracket bolt- mounts to rain gutter inside the trunk area- special shoulder bolt. ..
Rumble Seat Lid Hinge Set- USA Made. Best of several made. Includes the brackets that mount to the r..
Rumble Hinge Bolt and Shim Set- These two stepped bolts attach the cast rumble hinges to t..
Rumble Step Square 1928-29- one mounts to fender, one mounts to the A-41572 bracket to the bumper br..
Rumble Seat Step Round 1930-31-Two required per car- one mounts to the fender, and one bolts on top ..
Rumble Step Square Rubber Pad- 1928-1929 Fits under the step on the fender...
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