Exhaust System

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Wolf Whistle, uses engine vacuem to make a great whistle sound. Comes with mounting hardware. Thread..
High Performence Muffler- For use with 80 HP or greater Model A or B Engines. Correctly bend an..
Muffler Steel As original - USA Made Had correct amndrel bent bends, correct original baffels, and p..
1928 Muffler- USA Made- Same as the A5230-S muffler , but with the correct bend that Ford usedon teh..
Muffler -Polished Stainless Steel- USA Made- Same muffler as the A5230S, only made from stainless st..
Exhaust heat Deflecter Keeps heat out!!!pictures shows it installed on teh Muffler (not included). T..
Muffler Clamp Assembly with Bolts- USA Made mallable steel and correct fine thread bolts for the 192..
Muffler Clamp Bolts With Brass Nuts- 1928-29. Sold in pairs...
Muffler Clamp Assembly- USA Made of mallable steel and correct course thread bolts for the 1930-31 M..
Muffler Clamp Bolts With Brass Nuts- For 1930-31. Sold in pairs...
Cement for muffler clamp to exhaust pipe- Install the muffler and tail pipe, making sure the rear mu..
Muffler Clamp Connector - 1 13/16 O.D. Glue in the manifold before installing the tail pipe and muff..
Muffler Clamp Connector - 1 7/8 O.D. Glue in the manifold before installing the tail pipe and muffle..
Muffler Tailpipe Clamp- Original Style for the 1928-1929 cars. This is the correct shape and ha..
Muffler Tailpipe Clamp- Original Style. USA Made. For the 1930-1931 cars. This is the corr..
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