Brake Drums

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Chrome Lug Nut - Polished. Correct threads. 23 needed per car...
Brake Hub Rear -Good Quality. New drum must be swedged to this hub..
Brake Drum Front- Cast Iron. Very high quality brake drum.  .280 thick. USA Made!!!..
Brake Drum Reinforcing Band- Used to help make the stock steel drums a little stronger and dissapate..
Brake Drum Rear- Cast Iron. High quality USA Made drum.  .280 thick. Uses A1118 studs and A1109..
Brake Drum Front & New Hub - Assembled. Includes new Tinken races, inner and outer. Ready to pai..
Brake Drum Rear & New Hub - Assembled- Needs bearing, seal and snap ring...
Snap Ring- For the rear wheel bearing. Holds the rear wheel bearing and the seal in the hub...
Dust ring for the behind the inner front wheel bearing- USA Made. Others on the ..
Drum Seal Front - 1936-1948 Ford- fits in front hub after installing the inner wheel bearing..
Finned Buick Style 1939-1941 Hydraulic Brake Drum- Works with late 1939-1941 Ford hubs. The brake su..
Brake Drum Cast Iron- USA made. 1939-41 Fords. Used on Hydraulic Brake Conversions for model A Fords..
Knock off Puller- Rear frum and hub puller. The cheap way to remove the drums, but not the best..
Rear Hub Puller- USA - Very NICE - This tool removes the 1928-Early 29 rear hubs that have a ring th..
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