Brake Drums

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Chrome Lug Nut - Polished. Correct threads. 23 needed per car...
Front brake Hub- Fits late 1928-1931 front drums- USA made- Steel..
Brake Hub Rear -Good Quality. New drum must be swedged to this hub..
Brake Drum Front- Cast Iron. Very high quality brake drum.  .280 thick. USA Made!!!..
Brake Drum Reinforcing Band- Used to help make the stock steel drums a little stronger and dissapate..
Brake Drum Rear- Cast Iron. High quality USA Made drum.  .280 thick. Uses A1118 studs and A1109..
Brake Drum Front & New Hub - Assembled. Includes new Tinken races, inner and outer. Ready to pai..
Brake Drum Rear & New Hub - Assembled- Needs bearing, seal and snap ring...
Snap Ring- For the Rear Wheel Bearing. Holds the rear wheel bearing and the seal in the hub...
Dust ring for the behind the inner front wheel bearing. USA Made!!! Others on the market a..
Drum Seal Front - 1936-1948 Ford- fits in front hub after installing the inner wheel bearing..
Finned Buick Style 1939-1941 Hydraulic Brake Drum- Works with late 1939-1941 Ford hubs. The brake su..
Brake Drum Cast Iron- USA made. 1939-41 Fords. Used on Hydraulic Brake Conversions for model A Fords..
Knock off Puller- Rear frum and hub puller. The cheap way to remove the drums, but not the best..
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