Clutch Parts

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Rebuilt Flywheel- Cleaned, resurfaced, with new starter ring gear installed- ready to install- does ..
This is a new cast ductile iron USA Made flywheel housing that has been reinforced in the areas wher..
Rear Main Janitor. Fastens under the flywheel housing to catch the oil leaking out of the rear main...
Clutch Release Shaft With Keyways- 1928 and early 1929. USA made...
Clutch Release Shaft- Fits the 1929-1931 clutch housing. 7/8" diameter. USA made cold rolled st..
Clutch Release Shaft Set- Complete with 7/8” shaft, 2 bushings and 2 pins. For the 1929-19..
Clutch Release Shaft Arm- A high quality replacement shaft arm that replaces the often broken origin..
Clutch Realease Shaft Mounting Pin- Tapered pin use in the A-7515 fork and on the A-7511 arm. Cadmiu..
Clutch Shaft Keys & Pins for the A7510AR clutch release shaft used on the 1928 and early 1929 sh..
Inspection Plate Mounting Bolts- The two little 5/16-18 round headed slotted bolts thathold the litt..
Clutch Adjusting Rod- Attatches to the clutch pedal. Threaded to adjust the clutch. USA made!!!..
Clutch Adjusting Trunion Nut. Fits in the clutch pedal, and the A7521 rod threads into this. Often v..
Clutch Align Tool- Plastic- Aligns the clutch plate so the transmissiion will slide in easy. Plastic..
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