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Oil Drain Tube 5/16- Fits the 1928-1929 rear main cap. USA made steel...
Oil Drain Tube- 1/8 NPT. This is the bigger rear main drain tube used in the 1930-1931 rear main cap..
Oil Pump Drive Gear- USA made. Machined all one piece as original. Standard size...
Oil Pump Drive Gear- New and complete with sleeve and gear installed in the housing. Ready..
Oil Pump Drive Gear- .004 oversized teeth for use with camshafts that are slightly worn. Enable..
Oil Pump Drive Gear- .010 oversized teeth. For use with well worn camshaft teeth. USA made..
Oil Pump Drive Gear Housing- USA Made Machined steel cast housing- Oil pump drive gear (A-6551) fits..
Oil Pump Drive Gear Sleeve And Pin- Holds the oil pump gear to the housing. USA made!..
Oil Pump Drive Gear Retaining Spring- Holds the oil pump drive gear and housing in the block...
Oil Pump Rebuild Kit- USA made. Includes both bushings, shaft, gears and gasket...
Rebuilt Oil Pump Assembly- Exchange. Cleaned, machined and new shafts and bushings installed. I..
Core Charge for Oil Pump- Refundable after return of your old oil pump. Trade in pump MUST be t..
New Oil Pump- Complete- USA Made- Complete- No core required- ..
Oil Pump Holding Tool- (holds the pump in the block for installation of the oil pan with the engine ..
Oil Pump Bottom Plate Bolts- Set of four 1/4-28 bolts and lockwashers that hold the bottom plate on ..
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