Restoration Supplies & Fasteners

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Bed Strip Mounting Bolt Set- Complete set of bolts, square tabbed washers, nuts etc. to mount the be..
D Nut - 12/24 Thread. Used on the firewall and floorboards...
D Nut - 10/32 Thread. Use for doors and quarter panels. ..
D Nut - 1/4 20 Thread. Used for the coil mounting and other places...
D Nut - 3/8 Thread. Used for rear spare tire brackets ...
D Nut - 5/16-24 Thread. Used in the rear fender wells of sedans and other places...
Cotter Key Set - Cadmium Plated. Enough of all the different sizes of cotter keys to do one whole ca..
Cotter Key Set - Stainless Steel. Enough of each size to do the whole car or pickup. ..
Nails - Round Head. These round headed nails are used anywhere they can be seen after the car is fin..
Flat Head Nails - Screw Type. Set of 100. These were used to hold the top material and top moldings ..
3/16 X 3/8 Rivets - Per 10- Used to install sheet metal floorpans. ..
Rivets 1/4 X 3/8 - Per 10- Used to attach the floor sills to other sills. NOT used on sheetmetal pan..
Air Rivet Tool for 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" rivets. USA made and fits in most any air chisel. ..
Rivet installation 'waffle' tool- This waffel pattern was used under the floorpan rivits and firewal..
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