Windshield Wipers

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Wiper Wire Clip - For 1928-1929 Open Cars. Secures the wires for the electric windshield wiper to th..
Vacuum Wiper -Restored original TRICO vacuem wiper motor for all 1930-1931 Tudor/ 1930-early 1931 4 ..
Wiper Shaft Nut- For the threaded shaft on the long shaft Trico vacuem wiper motors used on the ..
Vacuum Wiper Rebuild Kit- Fit any TRICO wiper that does NOT have two small screws holding the revers..
Vacuum Wiper Gasket Set- This gasket set fits ALL Model A Trico wiper motors. Made in the USA..
 Vacuum Tube - W/Clips- Fastens to the windshield posts on the 1930-1931 Std. Roadster, Std. Ph..
Vacuum Wiper Tube With mounting  Clips- Fastens to the drivers side windshield post and fits th..
 Plain Wiper Blade- Universal style. Has a litle hook on it and only works with non-o..
Wiper Blade- Trico 5 layer. Fits electric wipers from 1929-1930. This black metal blade has 5 layers..
Wiper Blade- Nickle plated. Correct 8 1/4" inch electric single ply arm with single layer black rubb..
Wiper Blade- Trico 5 Layer. Fits vacuum wipers from 1930-1931. This black metal blade has 5 layers a..
This 5 layer chrome USA made blade is 8 1/4" long. It fits Deluxe Roadsters, Del..
Windshield Wiper Blade- For A-17676 and A-17677 replacement style wiper motor kits. (Included i..
Wiper Arm- Fits the vacuum wiper motors for the open and closed cars in 1930-1931. ONLY can be used ..
Wiper Arm- Stainless. Fits only 1930-1931 Trico vacuum wiper motors and only with the replacement st..
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