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On/Off Plate- USA made. Only on the 1928 cars did the on/off letters show. All later cars ..
On/Off Ring- Chrome plated. Mounts to the instrument panel with 4 bend over tabs, and holds the..
Cable Only From Ignition Switch To Distributor- This is the skinny stainless steel covered wire that..
Ignition Switch only- Improved switch. Quality switch with good detents to keep it on even on a..
Popout Look A Like Switch- Looks like a popout switch, but is a nice Mexico  made switch. ..
Popout Look A Like Key Switch- With accessory terminal for radios and other accessories. T..
Popout Ignition Cable Only for 1928-1929 Popout Switches. Includes new wire and cadmium plated ..
Popout Ignition Cable Only- For the Early 1930 Model A's that still used the oval shaped speedometer..
Armored Original Style Ignition Cable Only -. Heavy cable looks like the original popout switch cabl..
Restored Original Popout Switch- 1928 Nickel plated bezel, cadmium plated end, painted cable, restor..
Popout Cable Tag With Rivet- Correct for 1928-early 1930 popout switches. Includes tiny drive in riv..
Popout Cable Tag- For the 1930-1931 popout switches. Used up to early 1931. Includes the tiny rivit ..
Popout Cable Clamp To Head- Cadmium Plated as Original. USA made. Correct for 1929-1931 Al..
Popout Cable To Dash Mounting Screws- 3 tiny little round headed slotted machine screws that fasten ..
Key Ring- Exact copy of the original style key ring that every Model A came with. USA made...
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