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Water Neck Assembly- 1928-1929 short neck. Cast steel...
Water Outlet Neck- 1928-1929. Cast Iron. Drilled and tapped for temperature gauge...
Water Neck Assembly- The tall one for the 1930-31 radiator. Cast iron...
Water Outlet Neck- 1930-1931. Cast Iron. Drilled and tapped for temperature gauge. ..
Water Outlet Gasket- Copper sandwhich gasket as original. USA made...
Radiator Hose Set- Black with red stripe. Includes six hose clamps. Ford bought hoses from several d..
Red Hose Set- 2 lower hoses and one upper hose with all 6 clamps. Ford purchased hoses from several ..
Hose Clamp Set Of 6- Cadmium plated as original...
Thermostat- 160 degree. Fits in the upper hose. A must for making the car run cooler in the war..
Thermostat- 180 degree. Fits in the upper hose. A must for  making the car run cooler in the wa..
Water Inlet Bolt Set- Two domed headed bolts with black oxide finish. These hold the water inle..
Water Inlet Gasket- Paper. On side of engine...
Water Inlet Gasket- Copper sandwhiched gasket as oiginal. USA made and very nice quality...
Lower Water Pipe -Powdercoated black for all 1928-29 cars and trucks with the powerhouse generator U..
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