Emergency Brakes

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Brake Rear Camshaft Bushings- Each. (8 Req'd/car). Also used in the emergency brake backing plate...
Emergency Brake Adapter Kit For Hydraulic Brakes- Does both sides. Adapts the 1939-1948 hydraulic em..
Right side emergency brake carrier-NEW. Fits all Model A Fords after June 1928.  Steel...
Left side emergency brake carrier- NEW. Fits all Model A Fords after June 1928.  Steel...
Emergency Brake Metal Brake Band- This is the metal band ONLY.  If you want a relined one,pelas..
New Lined Emergency Brake Assembly - Lined and ready to install. Fits left or right...
Emergency Brake Band Lining - Pair- Must be countersunk and drilled to rivit to metal bands. Nice or..
Emergency Brake Lining Rivets- Set of 40 rivets. Enough to do 2 emergency brake bands...
Emergency Brake Shoe Retractable Springs- Set of 4. Fastens the metal band to the carrier. 2 per sid..
Emergency Brake Toggle Link- 2 per side. 4 per car. Cadmium plated...
Emergency Brake Toggle Lever- One per side. Two per car. Both sides are the same...
Emergency Brake Toggle Link Pin Set/8- 6 long ones and 2 short ones. Enough for both sides...
Emergency Brake Actuating Lever- Goes through the backing plate and actuates the emergency brakes. T..
Emergency Brake Carrier Plate Repair Tube- Welds to the carrier plate. Be sure it is straight. Sold ..
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