Flywheel & Clutch

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Flywheel To Crankshaft Bolts- Set of 4 drilled hardened bolts that fasten the flywheel to the cranks..
Flywheel Runout Testing Tool - This little tool is used to determine if the flywheel is seated corre..
Flywheel ring Gear- This is the best of two different manufacturers. Must be heated to install on to..
Rebuilt Flywheel- Cleaned, resurfaced, with new starter ring gear installed- ready to install- does ..
This is a new cast ductile iron USA Made flywheel housing that has been reinforced in the areas wher..
Flywheel Housing To Block Bolts- Set of 6 bolts and 2 lock washers. Includes the 4 hidden bolts that..
Flywheel Housing To Block Gasket- VERY important gasket that keep the camshaft hole in the back of t..
Flywheel Dowel Pins- Pair. Presses in the back of the crankshaft...
Flywheel Housing Inspection plate Bolts- Set of 3 bolts and 3 lockwashers to hold the inspection pla..
Big cotter pin in the bottom of the flywheel housing. Keeps the hole in the bottom of the flywheel h..
Flywheel Housing Shims - Brass. U shaped. Sold as a pair. Very important to use as they align the fl..
New Model A Ford Clutch Pressure Plate- No core required. ..
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