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Rebuilt Generator- We rebuild and test these Autolite style generators (1929-1931 style "long" ..
Alternator W/ Regulator- 6 volt, positive ground. Comes with all brackets and pulley...
Alternator- 12 Volt negative ground, with pulley and brackets. Rebuilt GM alternator with pulle..
Converter- Makes 6 volt positive into 12 volt negative. 6 amp. Allows you to use..
Armature- Rebuilt 1929 style- This is the one with the long (3/4") tapered shaft for the 1929 g..
Armature- Rebuilt 1930-1931 Style with the 1/2" tapered shaft. These fit the 1930-1931 generators wi..
Generator Rebuild Kit  for the 1929 long style generator with the bearing at both the front and..
Generator Rebuild Kit 1930-31- Pretty much every part in the generator except the field coils and th..
Powerhouse Generator Support Brace- This is an exact copy of the bracket used on the earlier po..
Generator Brush Spring- The little brush spring for the 1929-1931 long style generator. Three n..
Generator Brush Set -For the 1929-1931 Generator. Set of three. USA made carbon brushes...
Front Bearing- For the 1928-early 1929 Powerhouse generators...
Generator Front Bearing- This is the bearing for the pulley (front) end of all long style gener..
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