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Wheel Stud Installation Tool- Used to swedge the stud to the hub. Used on both front and rear studs,..
Coil VoltageTester- A simple test device to determine the spark voltage and ignition system con..
Coil Polarity Tester- This device uniquely shows ignition spark presence and coil polarity whil..
Distributor Puller- Makes it easy to get a stuck distributor out of the cylinder head. Hooks to..
Clear Distributor Cap- Allows you to check for spark, check timing of spark, and diagnose electrical..
Easy Timing Tool- Simply remove distributor cap, loosen cam, turn clockwise until tool rests against..
Spark Plug Adapters- Black oxide coated. Uses 14MM spark plugs. Set of 4. A..
Brake Centering Tool- Works for both the front AND rear shoes- USA Made- Allows youto accuratly make..
This tool allows you to rivet the linings on the brake shoes, and emergency brake shoes. Includes co..
Brake adjusting tool- USA made!! 1/2" square...
Tie Rod OR Drag Link End Removal Tool- Cool tool allows you to tighten and remove the tie rod and dr..
Steering Wheel Puller Tool- Allows you to pull the steering wheel off of the steering shaft. Works o..
Knock off Puller- Rear frum and hub puller. The cheap way to remove the drums, but not the best..
Rear Hub Puller- USA - Very NICE - This tool removes the 1928-Early 29 rear hubs that have a ring th..
Rear Hub Puller- USA - Very NICE puller that removes the Late 1929-1931 rear hubs that have the rece..
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