Spare Tire

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Stainless Steel Spacer- Fits behind each lug nut. These serve two purposes. One- the fill the void c..
Rim Liner- Fits around the wheel before installing the innertube and tire. USA made!!! Fits all 19 i..
Spare Tire Cover - Polished Stainless Steel 1928-29. Picture shows a 19" cover installed on a spare ..
Spare Tire Cover - Polished Stainless Steel 1930-31- Fits 19 inch tire. Picture shows this cover ins..
Rear Spare Wheel and tire  Bracket- This is an aluminum rear spare tire bracket.  Fits 193..
Rear Spare Mounting Bolt Set- Bolts the rear spare bracket to the body. For Coupes, Cabriolets ..
Rear Spare Tire Bracket- Aluminum. Fits 1928-1929 Coupe, Cabriolets and Roadsters...
Rear Spare Tire Bracket Bolt Set- Fastens the rear spare tire bracket to the back of the car. For Tu..
Rear Spare Hole Blank Off Kit- When you remove the rear spare tire bracket, and install the spare in..
Spare Tire Cover 21 inch Black- Vinyl with Ford Logo (19" pictured)..
Spare Tire Cover -19 inch Black Vinyl with Silk Screened Ford logo (19" pictured)..
Spare Tire Steel Face Plate- For 19 Inch Wheels- Fits under the stainless ring. These are USA made s..
Spare Tire Rear Support Bracket For 1930-31 Coupes and Cabriolets. Cast aluminum...
Sidemount Bracket assembly for 30-31 cars and trucks- Left side only. USA made. Not cheap foreign ma..
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