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Starter Field Coil Insulator- Hard compressed paper. Fits between the fields and the case. USA Made..
Starter Field Coil Bolt - 4 Required per starter. USA made. Reduced head size bolt that hold th..
Starter Terminal Assembly- This set includes the flat copper terminal that the starter switch contac..
Starter Band- Steel USA made band with mtg. hardware for the starter.   WE EXPECT THESE B..
Statrer To Flywheel Housing Gasket- Only originally used in 1928. Paper USA made..
Starter Rear Bushing - 11/16 OD- Used on only the earlier starters with the 5/8" shaft...
Starter Rear Bushing - 3/4" OD- This is the more common 1929-1931 bushing. Bronze. USA made...
Starter Bendix Assy. - Complete with spring and bolts. Ready to install. Fits all starters with the ..
Modern Starter Drive- Much better starter drive. No springs or bolts to fall off or break. USA ..
Starter Bendix Bolt Set- 5/16". Set of one each short and long bolt and two fold over lockwashe..
Starter Bendix Bolt Set- 3/8" thread. Set includes one each long and short bolt and two fold-over lo..
Bendix Bolt Lock Washers- Pair of 5/16 fold over type lock washers. Sold as a pair...
Bendix Bolt Lock Washers- Pair. For 3/8 bolts. Fold over style used only on the Model A starter driv..
Bendix Key For The Starter Drive- Works with either style drive. USA made...
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