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Cable Only from Ignition Switch to Distributor- This is the skinny stainless steel covered wire that..
Ignition Switch only -Improved Switch- Quality switch with good detents to keep it on even on a roug..
6 volt Ignition Coil - High quality foreign made ignition coil. No bracket..
Ignition Coil-FORD Script USA with mounting bracket welded on , just like the original coi..
Coil Bracket- Fits almost any round ignition coil. Mounts to firewall..
Coil Mtg. Screw Set - 2 1/4-20x 1/2" round head slotted bolts to fasten the ignition coil to the fir..
Mallory Points- for the modern Mallory distributors with the bright red cap USA made..
Coil Slotted Screws-Pair of USA made Nickle plated slotted machine nuts that hold the wires on the 1..
Coil VoltageTester- Installs in the coil to distributor wire (temporarily) to test the output voltag..
Coil Polarity Tester- Test the polarity of the ignition coil while the coil is on the car- Many coil..
Voltage resistor- Installs between the coil and the distributor, to reduce the voltage to 6 volts, i..
Replacement 6 volt Module only for all FS ignitions -If you have any FS electronic ignition, this is..
Replacement 12 Volt module for all FS Ignition Electronic Distributors- NEG Ground- Fits all A-12096..
Distributor Puller- Makes it easy to get a stuck distributor out of the cylinder head. Hooks to..
6 Volt Zipper Automatic Advance Stock Appearing Distributor with electronic Ignition- Cast steel hou..
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