Steering Column

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Steering Column Fill Plug- For the two tooth steering columns...
Steering Column Clamp Bolt- For the two tooth 1929-1931 steering columns. Cadmium plated. Nut and lo..
Steering Column Upper Bushing- 1928-Early 1930. Held in the column by two short 10/32 screws. Not dr..
Steering Column Upper Bushing- Late 1930-1931. This is for the late 1930-1931 columns where it was p..
Control Rod Anti-Rattlers- Pair Keeps te spark and throttle rods from rattling inside  the..
Steering Column Lower Clamp- Holds the column up to the tank bracket inside the car. Uses A-3521 rub..
Steering Column Drop Bracket- 180A, 190A- Lowers the column by about 1 1/2". Requires two longer scr..
Steering Column Lower Clamp Mounting Bolts- Pair. 5/16-24 phillister head as original...
Steering Column Drop Mounting Bolts- For the dropped column bracket used on the Deluxe Phaetons and ..
Steeing Column Bracket- Mounts behind dash rail . Asy to install on 1930-1931 cars , but requre..
Steering Column Anti-Rattler- Fits around steering column tube under tank...
Worm Assembly -For the 2 Tooth columns used in 1929-1931. Foreign made, but we have used many of the..
Horn Rod Upper Brass Bushing- Originally used on all horn rods at the very upper end. Prevents the h..
Control Rods New Nickle- 1928-29. Pair. Used in both the 7 tooth and 2 tooth steering columns i..
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