Fuel System Parts

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Nickel Plated Instrument Panel- Fits the 1928-early 1930 gas tanks. Uses the oval speedome..
Gas Tank Sealer - Quart. The fuel tanks were originally coated so they would not rust. That coating ..
Gas Tank Sealer Etch- Pint- This slightly acidic solution etches the tank so the sealer will stick...
Gas Tank to Firewall Bolts- 24 Piece set (8 bolts, 8 lockwashers, 8 nuts) bolts ..
Gas Tank Mtg. Bolt Set Of 10 pan head 12/24 threaded bolts and internal lockwashers for the installa..
Rear Gas Tank Mounting Bolts- These go under the dash rail to mount the rear of the 1..
Gas Tank Clamp -For inside the car under the sides of the tank. Includes bolts- 5 oer side. For the ..
Gas Tank Clamp - For the 1930-1931 tanks. Ford used 2 or 3 per side. Clamps the tank to the cowl...
Gas Tank Filler Screen- Kind of fits every year tank. Cadmium plated -Just falls in. This is actuall..
Gas Tank Screen Removal Tool- Fits on a 3/8 ratchet extension. Makes the original screens much easie..
Gas Cap Chrome- 1928-29 thread on type. This is the best of three currently available. Gasket includ..
Gas Cap Stainless- 1930-31. Better of two currently made. Fits correctly and vents correctly.&n..
Gas Cap Gasket- Leather. For the 1928-29 gas caps...
Grommet For Speedometer Cable Under Gas Tank- 1928-1929 cars and trucks. This often missin..
Glass Sediment Bowl Assembly- Used in 1930, but will work on any 1928-mid 1931 Model A. Quality fore..
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