Open Car Top Parts

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Roadster Windshield Wing Nut-Chrome palted- 4 used on all 1930-1931 open cars, 2 used on all 1928-19..
Windshield Stanchion Curtain Stud Set- These USA made nickle plated stud thread in to the windshield..
Windshield Top Snaps- 6 Required per car. These nickle plated snaps press in the windshield frame to..
Side Curtain Rods-For 1928-1929 Roadster/Phaeton/Roadster Pickup. USA made flat sided rods as origin..
Side Curtain Rods-For 1930-1931 Roadster/ Std. Phaeton/Roadster Pickup. USA made flat sided rods as ..
Side Curtain Socket- 1930-1931 Deluxe Phaeton- Chrome socket installs in top rear of door to hold th..
1930-1931 Deluxe Phaeton Top Saddle studs- Pr. Chrome Made in the USA...
Body Socket- EACH- Nickle Plated USA made!! 6 required for roadsters, 8 required for roadster pickup..
Top Saddle Mounting Stud- 1928-1929 Phaeton. Sold as a pair. These round steel studs thread int..
Top Prop Knob- Black, Steel, USA made- Fits 1928-1929 Roadster, Roadster pickup , and Phaeton. ..
Top Prop Knob -1930-1931 Roadster and  Phaeton -polished Stainless clad as original. Sold each...
Top Prop Knob -1928-1931 Sport Coupe-polished Stainless clad as original. Sold each. USA made -Fine ..
Top Prop Knob Bolt- This short steel carriage bolts threads in the top prop knobs on the 1928-1929 R..
Door Post Dress plate Seal- 1929-1930 68B Cabriolet. Rubber. Fits on top of door post under chrome p..
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