Clutch Pedal

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Pedal Shaft- 7/8 cold rolled steel shaft holds the pedals to the transmission case. This is the 1929..
Pedal Shaft- 1928- 1/2 diameter shaft used on the 1928 transmissions with the multiple disk clutch. ..
Pedal Shaft Set W/pins & Bushings- this is the 1929-1931 7/8" shaft, with 2 bushings for each pe..
Pedal Shaft Collar- Zinc plated steel collar holds the clutch pedal on the shaft..
Pedal Shaft Bushing and clutch release shaft bushing- Bronze- Oil Impregnated- USA Made 2 used per p..
Pedal Shaft Mounting Pin- Drive type pin that holds in the A7506 pedal shaft to the transmission cas..
Pedal Shaft Collar Pin- This pin holds the A7507 collar to the A7506 pedal shaft. Cadmium plated and..
Pedals Spring Washer- Also called the wavy washer-Keeps the two pedals from rubbing on each other. U..
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