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Cutout Insulator Bolt Set- 1930-1931. Zinc plated. These are the 2 little correc..
Generator/Starter to terminal box wiring- Correct fabric covered wires in laquer coated wire co..
1928-1929 Wiring from Generator and Starter to Junction Box. In steel Tube as original in 1928-1929...
Female Wire Connectors- Originally used only on the tail light wires and cowl light wires to connect..
Junction Box Assembly- Includes lid and brass wing nuts. Mounts to the forewall. Wires attach to bot..
Free Current Bert's Model A Center Parts Catalog!!!..
Generator Brush Holder- For 1929-1931 generators. Zinc plated...
Deluxe Alternator Mounting Kit With Pulley. Note- This kit is included with all our brand new a..
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