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Generator Pulley Bolt- For the long style 1930-31 generators. 5/16-24 threads. Thin head as ori..
Generator Oiler Wick And Spring- Used only on the 1930-1931 long style generators to absorb the oil ..
Generator End Plug- Presses in the end of some generators behind the bushing. Keep the dirt out of t..
Generator Mounting Bolt- The big bolt that holds the generator to the timing gear cover. Cadmium pla..
Generator Tension Brace- Holds the generator tight, and keeps the fan belt tight. Not originally use..
Generator Field Coils- 6 volt. USA Made- these fit the 1929-1931 long style generators...
Generator Field Coil Screw- 2 needed per generator. Only used on the long style 29-31 generator..
Field Coil Insulator- Hard paper insulator fits between the case and the field coils...
Cutout Mounting Screw Set - Cadmium. Two 10/32 round head slotted head machine screws and lockwasher..
Generator Cutout Diode Kit- If you want to convert your original cutout , to a solid state (diode) c..
USA Made Solid State Generator Cutout- There are cheaper cut outs out there, but this is the only on..
Cutout Terminal Connector- This little "L" shaped cadmium plated connector bolts to the generat..
Generator Cutout Insulators- Set of two insulators for the wires that connect to the generator cutou..
Cutout Insulator Bolt Set- 1928-1929. Zinc plated. These are the 2 little correct bol..
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