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Rear Hub Outer Metal Washers- Pair. These go on between the leather seal and the axle nut. Hardened ..
Rear Axle Housing And Driveshaft Seal- 3 per differential. One in the drive shaft, and one in each a..
Rear Axle Seat Installation Tool- USA Made Need to thread a long pipe on this tiil, then put the sea..
Driveshaft Key- Holds the pinion gear from turning on the driveshaft..
Driveshaft Nut Only- Thin castle nut that holds the pinion gear on the driveshaft...
Pinion Bearing Double Race. Double race made by Timken. Presses into the center of the dif..
Pinion Puller Tool- Pulls the pinion gear, bearings, and bearing race as one unit- Great for install..
Driveshaft Pinion Locknut- Thin lock nut. 2 needed per car. Used to set the preload o..
Pinion Nut Tool- Need 2 to tighten pinion nuts- thin steel..
Pinion Nut Lockwasher- Holds the pinion nuts tight...
Drive Shaft Bearing- Goes at the front of the driveshaft...
Driveshaft Bearing Race- Goes at the front of the driveshaft. Uses A-4645 bearing...
Quart 600 W. Gear/Trans. Oil- Used in the differential, transmission, and steering box..
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