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Ring & Pinion Set- 3.25/1. USA made. These  gears give you about 12 mph more top speed then..
Ring & Pinion Set- 4.11/1. USA made. These are great gears if you run an overdrive...
Spider Gears- 3 per car-  Nice quality- USA Made-..
Axle/Pinion Bearing USA- Usually Made in USA by Timken - two used on the pinion and one used on each..
Axle Housing Race- Presses into the axle housing. USA made by Timken. 2 required per differenti..
Shim- For behind the A-4221 axle housing bearings on the carrier. Helps to set the preload..
Axle Shims - Pair- These shims are often needed on the tapered end of the axle, under the brake hub,..
Knock off Puller- Rear frum and hub puller. The cheap way to remove the drums, but not the best..
Rear Hub Puller- USA - Very NICE - This tool removes the 1928-Early 29 rear hubs that have a ring th..
Rear Hub Puller- USA - Very NICE puller that removes the Late 1929-1931 rear hubs that have the rece..
Rear Drum and hub puller- This USA Made puller will work on any year brake drum and hub 1928-1948- V..
Rear Axle nut, cotter pin, washer, seal and key set. 2 of each are included, so only one set is need..
Rear Axle Castle Nut and Cotter Pin. Black oxide coated as original. Tighten to 125 ft/lbs...
Rear Axle Key- USA Made. Sold individually. 2 per car...
Rear Axle Drum Outer Seals- Pair. Leather as Original. USA made. This is 2 seals, no metal washers. ..
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