Clutch Parts

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Clutch Align Tool- Plastic- Aligns the clutch plate so the transmissiion will slide in easy. Plastic..
Throwout Bearing Hub - All the new ones are Chinese junk, so this is a good original piece. USA made..
Throwout Bearing Spring- USA made cadmium plated spring helps return the cltuch pedal...
Pressure Plate Mounting Bolt Set- the 12 grade 8 bolts that mount the Model A Pressure plate to the ..
New Model A Ford Clutch Pressure Plate- No core required. ..
V-8 Style Pressure plate-For use with Model A and Model B Engines with lightenend flywheels- NEW- No..
Throwout Bearing- National Bearing made by Federal Mogul. The Best You can buy. NOT the cheap A..
Pilot Bearing- Presses into the flywheel. This should always be replaced when doing a clutch job...
Flywheel Dowel Retainer- the little round plate that retains the crankshaft flywheel dowels. MUST be..
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