Steering Column

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Bearing Conversion Set w/Seal- If you can machine the housing, these bearings and seals will allow y..
Steering Sector Shaft 28-29- For 7 tooth columns. Foreign made, but they work very well...
Steering Column Sector Shaft- For the 1929-31 2 tooth columns. Foreign made, but they work very well..
Steering Column Sector Bushing- These bronze/steel bushings fit both the 7 tooth and 2 tooth columns..
Steering Column Sector Thrust Screw & Nut- 7 tooth..
Steering Column Sector Thrust Washer- Used on the 2 totth columns only...
Steering Column Sector thrust washer - Think hardened steel thrust washer used on the 7 Tooth column..
Steering Column Lower Bushing- Standard size. If there is wear on this bushing, the shaft will move ..
Steering Column Lower Bushing- Undersized. Use this if bushing the shaft is very worn. You will need..
Steering Column Gasket Set- for 1928-29 7 tooth steering columns. Includes shims to adjust the worm ..
Steering Column Gasket Set for the 2 tooth 1929-31 columns,..
Steering Eccentric Rivet- For the 2 tooth columns. USA made...
Steering Column Lockwasher- For 2 tooth columns. Wide flat lockwasher. Sold individually. 3 used on ..
Steering Sector Housing Nuts- 3/8 24.  Sold as a set of four. For 2 tooth columns. Special nut ..
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