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Horn Screen- Convex USA made screen fits all the horn bells...
Horn Brush And Spring Set- USA Made- 2 brushes and 2 springs...
Horn Terminal Wire Connectors-Pair-Copper as original. USA made . Solder the wires that come from th..
Horn Relay Assy.- Some prefer to use a relay for the. Mounts inside the hron cover so it cannot be s..
Horn Resister- Used when installing a 6 volt horn on a 12 volt car- Installs on the lower left frame..
Horn Adjusting Bar Spring- Keeps the horn armature adjusting bar tension firm. USA Made..
Horn Adjusting Screw Bridge- For the Stewart Warner horn only. USA Made steel..
Horn Adjusting Screw Bridge- For the Sparton horns only. USA made..
Horn Clapper- Fits every Model A Horn. IMPORTANT- If removing the clapper nut form a Stewart Warner ..
Horn Motor Tension Spring- This "Z" shaped flat spring holds the correct tension against the armatur..
Horn Brush Holder- 2 per horn- Sold Each- USA made..
Horn Terminal Insulating Block- 7 piece set includes the block, insulators, bolt, nut etc. The coppe..
Main Light Wire Harness- For 1930-1931 cars with 2 bulb headlights (and no cowl lights). This h..
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