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Seat Frame Wood- All Tudor sedans-  Rear seat  Backrest wood...
Seat Frame Wood- Victoria and A-400 Drivers seat bottom cushion Wood- for the late style slidin..
Seat Frame Wood- Victoria and A-400 - Passenger seat bottom wood..
Seat Frame Wood- Victoria Rear seat cushion  Lower wood-..
Seat Frame Wood- Victoria Rear Backrest seat wood- (behind the back seat) - USA made..
Seat Frame Wood-1931 Slant Windshield 4 Door Sedan- Front Seat Cushion Wood - Fastens directly to th..
1929-Early 1931 Briggs and Murray 4 door Town Sedan only Rear Seat Cushion wood frame- USA made..
This is the backrest center arm rest wood for 1929-1930 Town Sedans...
Wood Front Seat Cushion frame for 60A/60B 4 door sedan Briggs Leatherback . This attached to the sea..
Rear Seat Cushion frame for the 60A/60B Briggs leather back 4 door sedans. Fastens to rear seat cush..
Top Wood Bolt Kit- 1928-1929 Tudor Sedan- All bolts, nuts, and screws to install all the top wood in..
Top Wood Bolt Kit- 1930-1931 tudor Sedan -All the bolts and screws needed to install the top wood ki..
Top Wood Bolt Kit-1930-1931 Closed Cab Pickup -All nuts, screws, bolts and washers to install the to..
Top Wood Bolt Kit- 1930-1931 Coupe- All the bolts, nuts, washers and screws to install the top wood...
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