Steering Column

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Steering Wheel- Black. Splined. USA made. Splined for the 1928-1929 seven tooth steering columns...
New USA Made 43 inch steering shaft - for two tooth steering columns..
New USA Made Steering shaft- 44 inch long- for two tooth steering columns..
Steering Wheel Key - 29-31- For all 2 tooth columns...
Steering Wheel Puller Tool- Allows you to pull the steering wheel off of the steering shaft. Works o..
Horn Rod Assembly- Fits all 7 tooth steering columns. Chrome top with wire already install..
Horn Rod Assembly-  Fits the 1929 two tooth columns ONLY. Chrome plated and complete with the w..
Horn Rod Assembly. This is for the early 1930 SHORT 2 tooth column with the 43inch long steering sha..
Horn Rod Assembly- This horn rod fits the short 2 tooth Gemmer column for 1930 only. Complete with b..
Horn Rod Assembly- This is the LONG horn rod used with the long 44 inch steering shaft. MOST 1930-19..
Horn Rod Rewire Kit- To rewire your original or new horn rod. Includes wire, ends and insulater. Fit..
Horn Rod Rebuild Kit - This is all the upper chrome pieces for the 1928-29 horn rod,..
Horn Rod Rebuild Kit - All the upper pieces for the 1930-31 horn rods...
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