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Distributor Plate Spring- Cadmium plated as original. Ends ground flat. Best of 3 made.&nb..
Distributor Lower Plate- With wire. USA made. Cadmium plated...
Distributor Lower Plate Wire Only- For stock distributors. Solders to lower plate...
Distributor Wireless Lower Plate- The best one available. For use with either the stock or modern up..
Distributor Upper Plate- USA made. Cadmium plated plate with insulated post to fasten the points to...
Late Model Distributor Upper Plate- Allows you to use easier to change Ford 289/302 V8 sty..
Distributor Point Block Assembly- USA made Includes all hardware. Fastens to the upper pla..
Upper Distributor Shaft- USA made. Drilled for oiling the upper bushing. Best of several manufa..
Steel Thrust Washer- .015 thick. Use under the distributor housing above the sleeve to min..
Fiber Thrust Washer- .030 thick. Use under the distributor housing above the sleeve t..
Distributor Shaft Sleeve And Pin- USA made. Holds the shaft tight in the distributor...
Distributor Shaft Sleeve Pin Only- Also used on the oil pump drive gear...
Stock Ignition Points- . Set gap at .022. With any Model A points, you will notice the gap get small..
Late Model Point Set- USA made. These more modern (1957-1973) points are for use on our A-12151-LM u..
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