AA Truck Parts

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Full set of AA Truck rear axle bumpers with all hardware.  Used from 1928-1931. USA Made right ..
Rear Spring Pivot Seat Bushings -Pair- Brass bushings press in to the top of the spring bracket wher..
Rear Spring Shackle Bushings-Pair- These bronze bushings go in the spring shackle where it mounts to..
Rear Spring Seat Lock Pin and nut- Holds the spring to the clamp on the differential- 2 required per..
Rear Spring Seat Pin- Goes in rear of srping where it mounts to the differential..
Transmission Gasket Set - 1929-1931 4 Speed Truck..
Brake & Clutch Pedal Shaft- For the late 1929-1931 4 speed transmission. the brake pedal and clu..
Pedal Shaft Collar Pin- 4 speed trans. Also holds the spring..
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