Windshield Hardware (Closed Car)

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Windshield Slide Pivot Bolts-Pr-For all 1930-1931 closed cars. This nickle plated machine screws thr..
Windshield Slide Washers Set-4 piece set includes 2 chrome washers and 2 rubber washers. For all clo..
Windshield Slide Knurled Nuts-USA-Pair- Best of several manufacturers. Chrome plated...
Windshield Frame to body Rubber- For all Closed Cars 1928-1931 (except slant windshield cars). These..
Rubber for Aluminum Windshield Frame- This is the rubber for the sides and bottom, between the body ..
Windshield Frame Hinge Rubber-Fits all closed cars, 1930-1931 except slnat windhsield cars. Fits bet..
Slant Windshield 4 door sedans, Victoria, Slant Cabriolet, and 400A  Windshield Rubber Set..
Windshield Mounting Bolt Set - For all 1928-1929 closed cars. 1/4-20 round headed machine screws wit..
Windshield Frame Mounting bolt Set for all  1930-1931 closed cars. 10 slotted wood screws to mo..
Windshield Frame Screws-10 Pc Set of machine screws to assemble the windshield frame. These hold the..
This little "L" shaped bracket slides in the top of the windshield frames of all the closed cars. Th..
Windshield and door glass Setting Rubber -Sold  Per Foot. This gummy rubber seals the windshiel..
Aluminum Windshield Frame - Fits 1930-1931 Victoria, and the 1931 Slant windshield cars. Includes ga..
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