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Firestone 4.50/5.00 x 19 Blackwall Tire- USA made. ..
Goodyear 4.75 x 19 Whitewall Tire- Correct original size and diamond tread design. USA made. WI..
Goodyear 4.75 x 19 Blackwall- USA made. Diamond tread. WILL BACK IN STOCK JUNE  26th 2022...
Metal Valve Stem-Schraeder 6300- Fits all  1928 -29 21 inch innertubes. Must be installed in tu..
Metal Valve Stem Schraeder 6700 style- Fits and correct for 1930-1931 cars. Must be installed in A15..
Innertube 21 inch- Made in China - NO USA made tubes are made anywhere.....
Innertube 19 inch- Made in China, but very good quality- No USA made tubes are available in this siz..
Valve Stem Washer- Used only on Meatl Stems. Included in A-1507A, and A-1507B..
Valve Stem Nut- Thin nickel plated nut for metal valve stems. Included with A-1507-A and A-1507-B...
Valve Stem Cover - Schreader style- Used on A-1507- A stem- Nicle plated and USA made. Correct for 1..
Valve Stem Cover- Nickle plated Shraeder style. Used on A-1507-B stems. For 1930-1931 cars and truck..
Valve Stem Cap - Nickle Schraeder- USA Made- Can be used on Metal stems and rubber stems...
Free Current Bert's Model A Center Parts Catalog!!!..
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