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Seat Latch On Floor-  Fits 1931 Slant Sindshield 4 door sedans, 1930-1931 Victoria, 1931 D..
Seat Clip On Seat Frame for Return Spring- Used on A400, deluxe tudor sedan, and late Victoria drive..
Rear seat frame cover straps- Slant 4 doors, Victoria, deluxe Phaeton and 400A- Set of 4..
Screw For Round Seat Adjuster- 8 inch Uses A-70127 round handle. Used on 1930-1931 Coupes and Cabrio..
Seat Bracket- Fits on 1930-1931 Coupe, Cabriolet and 1929-1930 4 door sedans  Seat wood  b..
Seat Screw Adjuster Round Nut- USA made. Nut fits in the seat frame. Used on all 1930-mid 1931 Coupe..
Seat Alignment Peg- 2 of these are used on all 1930-31 Coupes, Cabriolets and most 1929-1930 Briggs ..
Seat Adjust. To Floor Bracket- Sold Each- 2 per seat. these fit the early Victoria seat and the delu..
Seat Rod Channel- This steel channel fastens to the front of the lower seat wood. The rod fits ..
Seat Stop-Steel seat stop nails to seat base to prevent the seat form sliding forward. Used on the f..
Seat Clip Set- 1928-1929 Roadster- Holds the front seat backrest spring to the wood frame. Steel USA..
Seat Frame Wood- Tudor Sedan- Front Seat- Lower seat cushion wood- Fits all tudor sedans except 1931..
Seat Frame Wood- All 1928-1929 Coupes-  Front Seat Lower Cushion Wood- This is the wood that is..
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