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1928-1929 Pickup Seat Back Upper Clip- Mounts to back of cab- These clips hold the top of the seat b..
Big Square Nut for upper seat back retainer clip (A55110D) Steel- 2 used on each 1928-1929 pickup ca..
Seat Backrest Wood Bolts- these big headed carriage bolts fasten the seat backrest wood to the back ..
Dispatch (Map) Box -Used on the inside of all 1928-1929 Closed Cab trucks on both sides in the quart..
Map Pocket -For the 1930-1931 Closed Cab Pickup. The later trucks had this map pocket fastened to th..
This is the accelerator footrest base plate. Comes with screws. NOT sold with the A-9765 footrest as..
3 Footrest Screws- For mounting the footrest base to the floorboard. (Included In A-9770)...
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