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Door Check Straps -10 Piece set- Used on 1930-1931 Coupes, Tudor sedans and Pickups. Also used on mo..
Rear Check Arms-10 peice  set- Used on most 1929-1930 Briggs and Murray Fordor Sedans on the re..
1930-1931 Door check Brackets- These are used on any car that uses the metal door check straps (A-48..
Rear Door Strap Brackets- Fits rear door on 1928-1930 Briggs and Murray 4 door sedans with metal rea..
Door Check Strap C Clip Only- Used on 1930-1931 Coupe, Tudor Sedan, 4 Door Sedan, Cabriolet and A400..
Door Check Strap Cup Only -1930-1931 Coupe, Tudor Sedan, 4 Door Sedan, Cabriolet and A400A. Sold eac..
Rubber Bumper For metel Door check straps. (These are included in the A-48715 and A-48716 kits) ..
Rubber Pads On Back Of Door Post- Used on 1930-1931 Coupes, Tudor Sedans and Pickups. Also used on m..
Metal Clip that holds the rubber door bumper on the 1928-1930 4 Door Sedans and 1929-1930 Cabriolets..
Door Rubber Bumper Clip- Holds the door bumper on 1928-1931 Tudor Sedans, 1930-1931 Pickups and the ..
Leather Door Straps- With brackets and fasteners. Fits  All 1928-1931 Roadsters, Roadster ..
Rope Assist Bracket With Horizontal Holes- Nickel plated. USA made...
Rope Assist Bracket With Vertical Holes. Nickel plated. USA made...
Arm Rest Kit- This is kind of a generic arm rest kit. Fits any 4 Door Sedan/Victoria..
Seat Hook-1928/9 Pickup Lower-Fastens to the wood strips that go from the floor to the rear of the c..
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