Rumble Seat Parts

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Rumble Lid Stop Set W/Rubbers 1928-29- USA made steel with correct shape and thickness...
Rumble Lid Stop Set W/Rubbers 1930-1931- USA made steel with correct shape and thickness...
Roadster Top Rests- Polished clad stainless steel as original in 1930-1931. Will fit any 1928-1..
Rumble Lid Aligning Plates - Aluminum as original. These fit up in the upper corners of the rumble s..
Aligning Plates For Cars Coupes and Roadsters with Trunk- Rounded. Made of aluminum just like the or..
Trunk Lid Hinge Set - Pr.- These are that simple little hinge up in the top corners that bolt to the..
Complete Set of Trunk hinges- Fits all coupes and roadsters. Includes all pieces needed. USA Made- S..
This USA made steel pin is the threaded pin that threads into the steel brace in the upper part of t..
Rumble-Trunk Lid Round Rubber Stops- Pair. On the rumble seat cars, only one pair is need in the upp..
Trunk Lid Support- Now USA made and fits and works very well....Better of two manufacturers. Steel B..
Trunk Lid Support Bracket bolt- mounts to rain gutter inside the trunk area- special shoulder bolt. ..
Rumble Seat Lid Hinge Set- USA Made. Best of several made. Includes the brackets that mount to the r..
Rumble Hinge Bolt and Shim Set- These two stepped bolts attach the cast rumble hinges to t..
Rumble Step Square 1928-29- one mounts to fender, one mounts to the A-41572 bracket to the bumper br..
Rumble Seat Step Round 1930-31-Two required per car- one mounts to the fender, and one bolts on top ..
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