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Petronix Electronic Ignition Complete Set- 6 volt positive ground. Includes coil. Fits in ..
Petronix Electronic Ignition Complete Set- 12 volt negative ground. Includes coil.&nb..
Rebuilt Distributor- *Exchange*.  Disassembled, cleaned, painted, bushings installed and honed ..
Rebuilt Distributor With Modern Points and Condenser- *Exchange*. Distributor is disassembled, ..
Rebuilt Distributor With FS 6 Volt Electronic Ignition Installed- Housing is disassembled, cleaned, ..
Core Charge for Distributor- Refundable upon return of the distributor housing...
Distributor Housing cleaned, new bushings installed and honed for new shaft which is installed with ..
New Cast Distributor Housing Only - USA Made  Need bushings, shafts etc.....
Black Distributor Body- Made exactly as the 1928-Dec.1930 Ford blueprint- Foriegn made, but more acc..
Modern Style Cap- USA made. Allows you to use modern spark plug wires,  whichar often need..
Plug wire set - Modern style with boots. Laquer covered cloth wires. For use with A-12105-M modern s..
Distributor Cap- USA Made- Fits on the A-12105-B or A-12105-C body. Made by the same USA company for..
Distributor Locking Nut & Bolt- Threads in the side of the cylinder head to hold the distri..
Distributor Bushings- Pair. Correct 1 inch length. Others sell shorter bushings that wear ..
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