Tail Lights

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Bolt Kit For A-13480-B Stoplight Switch. Fastens to the crossmember...
Stop Light Switch Link -For 1928-1929. Hooks to the brake light switch, and to the A-2457 pin in the..
Drum Tail Light Assembly -Nickle plated - Left or right side, with license plate light lens. 19..
Drum Tail Light Socket Assy.- Pushes in the back of the tail light housing. Both wires in the A-1361..
License Lens Clips - Holds the little clear license plate lens in the tail light. FIts both type of ..
Main Light Wire Harness- For 1930-1931 cars with 2 bulb headlights (and no cowl lights). This h..
Main Light Wire Harness- For the 1929 cars with 2 bulb headlights (and no cowl lights). This harness..
Tail Light Crossover Wire Loom- Correct green/black wires to connect left tail light to right tail l..
Male Ends for Wire Connectors- Sold Each. These solder to the wire ends for use on the horn wires, a..
Tail Light Wire Clip- Holds the wires and loom to the stamped steel fender brace- 1929-1931 only.&nb..
Brake Switch Clevis Pin - Fits in brake pedal and also holds the A-13507 link that actuates the brak..
Adjustable clutch rod- Easy to adjust as it has left and right threads. Just loosen the jam nut. No ..
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