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MotoMeter & Cap-with plain motometer -Chrome - Fits all 1930-1931 Model A's. Cap is held on..
Motometer  Only- Deluxe wreath style- Chrome plated with Ford Logo. You can use this in ou..
Motometer  Only- Plain style- Chrome plated with Ford Logo. You can use this in our A-1836..
Thermometer Only For Thermoquail- If your thermomoter in your thermo quail got hit by a rock or drop..
Wolf Whistle, uses engine vacuem to make a great whistle sound. Comes with mounting hardware. Thread..
Locking Cap Only - Fits all 1928-1929 radiators. Cap threads on. Cap is held on by one allen head ma..
Locking Cap Only - Fits all 1930-1931 radiators. Cap is held on by two allen head machine ..
Chrome Wings For MotoMeter- These fit under the motometer. Can be used on any year car with a motome..
Very nice chrome plated copy of Henry's favorite bird. Threads on with a set screws to prevent theft..
1930-1931 Quail radiator cap. - A very nice copy of the original accessory radiator cap that Ford of..
This is the popular quail mated with a thermometer. High quality chrome plated quail threads on the ..
This is the popular Quail cap with an added thermometer. Quality chrome plated cap fastens to the ra..
Motometer and Quail "O" ring gasket between upper and lower cap- Most quails and moto meters come wi..
Spring Cover Set- Set Of 4- Allows you to grease the springs, front and rear, and these pads keep th..
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