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Cup Holder- NEW USA made two drink cup holders. Steel. All one piece laser cut and very nice. Mounts behind the dash rail using the existing dash rail bolt on the passenger side. Fits all closed cars. A-18120 $25.00

LED Tail Light Inserts

Makes for BRIGHT tail and

brake lights

Available in 6 volt and 12 volt

Available all red (pictured) and amber and red

Left side w/license light $37

Right side w/o lic. light $29

Fits 1929-1931 tail Lights

New Reproduction Tire Pump

Very nice pump! Hard to distinguish from original, correct for late1928 through 1931. Base is stamped very accurate to original.

A-99004 $49.50

Optima 6 volt Dry Cell Battery

800 Cold cranking amps. 72 Month warranty. No corrosion, no leaky fluid. Shown with original battery box and Frame listed below.

A-5150-OP $ 175.00

Battery Hold Down Frame

Powder Coated Frame Fits on The Original Battery Mount. Holds the Optima Battery securely to your original battery box.

A-5166-OP $15.00

Let Your Intentions be SEEN!Works as the center Brake light and left and right turn signals. Easy suction cup installation!  




6 or 12 volts $60.00


Stainless Steel Lower Water Pipe

This unit is mandrel bent so there is no kink in the pipe. No more rusty water pipes!

A-8291-S $18.50

Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder Kit- Easy install to add a master cylinder for your Model A that has been converted to Hydraulic brakes- Just remove the old battery box, install this , hook up the arm to the stock brake pedal, hook up your hoses to your wheel cylinders and you are done- ALL USA Made

A2522 $350

Cupped Shim Washer

Shim Washer for the stock original type radius ball support. Works well if your wishbone ball is worn a little flat and the car Shimmys. Washer only. Wishbone support Kit not included.

A-3405-W $2.25

Spring Less Bendix

Great New starter drive! No more broken springs and bolts!

A-11350-U $28.50